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Super Powerful Character Build - Video Included

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I've been testing different builds waiting for the next patch to play through the game, and I finished testing this particular build.  I show my character sheet in the video for details for stats and talents.


Basically, this is the only build I've found so far that can kill the brown bear in the beginning/intro of the game solo.




Please post your thoughts / comments / videos of other builds that can accomplish this.

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Fairly interesting to see a melee build do it, which I'll definitely give you props for.


but I've had no real issue solo killing the Bear and her cub on Hard with a wizard. Sure, it took a couple reloads to get acquianted on when slicken's knockdown 'ticks' and to time it with Fan of Flame for optimal damage. Slicken, Fan of Flame, Fan of Flame. Dead Bear + cubs. - The cub tends to die in the first flame.

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What difficulty level is that?

I've killed the bear on lvl2 with a priest, but i did use a summon. To balance that it was on Path of the Damned difficulty.



And yeah I agree with the poster above me. The bear is a fight you don't actually have to fight.

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You can solo the bear with several builds. Any of the casters can do it if they play their cards right. At least on hard and below.


And level 2 doesn't say much for a build. You've only got like 1 talent and 1 ability at that point. Gear, consumables, etc. are more important at that point.


What difficulty was this?


He's on normal. Hard and PoD there are 3 bears(2 weaker "young" ones). Although maybe he pulled one alone, not sure.


But it says on the youtube it's normal difficulty.

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I said in the video desc that this is on normal difficulty. I've not played any of the caster builds yet. I'm just starting to test those now. It sounds like the caster builds are very good at burst damage then.


So far, this is the only melee build I've found that can solo the bear (at this stage of the game).

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Omg the bear of doom is only of doom on Harder and PotD FailFish

Dude you are barely discovering the game, have fun and stop trying to discover amazing builds on your first run and on the 10 first minutes of your game xD

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I was watching that one thread of the guy playing Druid in bear form... I'll try that next :D


Btw, do you guys have any videos of you killing it by yourself on the hardest difficulty? I would appreciate being able to see your tactics.

(Ideally you would show your character sheet to show your build)

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Have you tried to kill this bear?



Yeah bro, have you even SEEN this bear?


This bear....This mother ****ing bear....


He's gotta be the most swole bear in the forest, and he's got a black belt in Judo to boot. He's wanted in four different empires for picnic basket larceny, too.

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"The Courier was the worst of all of them. The worst by far. When he died the first time, he must have met the devil, and then killed him."



Is your mom hot? It may explain why guys were following her ?

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mhmm, I kill all 3 bears at level 3 in PotD as Chanter :)

I have seen scrennshot from level 3 Monk, which killed all 3 bears in PotD solo.


And level 3 means, intro, first town, mainquest sleep, bing bing

You mean like this? ;)







Also its a bit cheesy but if you kill your compainions in the prologue before you get to the cave you hit 3 much more easily (400 extra exp for your main character)

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