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Raedric Keep issue also occuring later in the game



Hi all,


I was reading about the Raedric Keep loading / crash issues and fortunately this didn't happen to me.

Unfortunately, the exact same issue happen to me later in the game.


I am now 28 hours in the game, running around in Defiance Bay.

Have done already some quests, including killing the guy in Crucible Keep in First Fires for the House Doemenel.


Now - after doing several other quests in the city afterwards - I have to go back to Crucible Keep to give Viannas information to Forge Master Dunstan (Quest: "Built to Last").


As soon as I try to enter Crucible Keep now, the screen turns black with the regular movement mouse cursor and crashes.

I have tried different possibilities (Switching from German to English and back; replacing Kara with Pallegina), but it doesn't make a difference.


So far I can enter other houses in the city without problem, it is just the Crucible Keep that does seem to have this issue.


My needed information (Savegame, Output_Log and DxDiag) are located here:



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Judging from your output log, the patch fix for the Raedric's Hold crash will fix this as well.


Glad to hear that the "RH fix" isn't necessarily just for RH. I've seen people having this problem at different places and different times (I have it right at the transition to Act 3, while a friend seemed to have it at Brighthollow), and I was kinda worried that the fix for the RH instance wasn't going to solve the overarching problem. But since I take your comment as that not being the case, hopefully it fixes it for everyone. :)

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