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Whenever I use a chanter my stats look something like this:


18 might

10 con

Min dex

Remaining points in per

18 int

Remaining points in res


Race can really be for whatever. I start off chanting come soft winds constantly and use corpse explosion and phantom summoning. Later on I use damaging invocations coupled with summons and fire lash and the slash/burn chants mixed with the reload time and frost traps chants.

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Ive had some interesting results from using 2 chanters behind a stack of fighters. although this is still pretty early game... 

i just make a wall of fighters with the chanters behind with 2h spears and keep them pretty close together  


Made the whole group moon godlikes with high might/int (18 for both) + Ancient Memory seem to give some decent survivability as they will all restore endurance each chant and on damage.

Also the stacking damage chants are ticking for 6-9 combined each chant which isnt too bad. When the meter hits 3 on both of them i spam the skeletons to flank enemies attacking the stack.


ill see how they go late game...  

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Your main issue is going to be the lack of scaling on both Ancient Memory and Constant Recovery. They both just fall pretty far behind after a while.


But Moon Godlike is sweet, so that'll help.

If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

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I have question about chant " Aefyllath Ues Myth Fyr": does it work and add extra dmg with scion of flame? or it just stricte lash damage like from weapon and won't get profit from elemental talent damage like scion of flame?



very similiar sytuation like Wildstrike Shock and Heart of Storm for druid, Wildstrike Shock supposes to work like lash damage but still he gets profits form Heart of Storm, so one talent improve another


as Aefyllath Ues Myth Fyr is also skill ( like flame of devotion and scion of flame correlation), scion of flame as a talent and Aefyllath Ues Myth Fyr as a skill should work also with each other?



So Aefyllath Ues Myth Fyr will give lash to everything, skills and pure attacks from weapon. Question is if I take scion of flame it will works all together : skill like fireball+scionf of flame+Aefyllath Ues Myth Fyr, scion of flame will improve fireball which improve lash from Aefyllath Ues Myth Fyr, but same lash from Aefyllath Ues Myth Fyr get bonus itself from scion of flame?


And in case of weapons attacks scion of flame would have impact on Aefyllath Ues Myth Fyr?


or just Aefyllath Ues Myth Fyr is pure lash damage like from weapon, and no talent would have impact on it?



what's Yours expereince in this case ?

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