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Will there be a post-mortem backer update with first week sales, the future of obsidian, and the stuff you guys take care of post launch, the future of your relationship with Paradox?  WIll it be covered in the documentary?

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We don't need figures to know the game is absolutely killing it at retail and that's amazing because it's topping all the sales charts that matter. Larian performed similarly with Divinity Original Sin and their attitude at the moment is a bright one in confidence their future is secure......I have no doubt PoE will do a lot better at retail....hell, the game now occupies numbers 1, 2 and 4 in GOG's top selling products and that is amazing. I can't wait to see Obsidian be fully in charge of their fate and future and to continue delivering insanely amazing CRPGs forever. Even billions/trillions of years from now when our star burns out and humanity will have moved out to other places there should still be an independent Obsidian making amazing games.

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