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I mean, I understand its purpose but that is some unforgiving ****.


Dont even bother to try and position your guys once combat starts...  If a mob is near them they cant move an inch or its POW! right in the kisser!


This really sucks for trying to move out of static AOE's like tangling roots etc...


Every game I play nowdays trains you to get out of the "fire, posion, ice" clouds on the floor!


This game goes backwards and forces you to eat it...or die, or die while eating it... 


Either way thiers no way out once an aoe is cast on your melee's you have to either try and cast a prot spell vrs or some kinda of spell denial cleanse.


Last night I took on some ogres and thier disengauge dmg coupled with thier NOT visablly large hitboxs was a lesson in disengauge == death.


Ive never played a game where im more afraid to accidentally click and move my heros during battle than anything else...


For example I was trying to get some skeletons summoned to draw agro on the ogres...but they instantly died as soon as they were spawned due to disengauge hits.


They would spawn...try to move to hit a target and...POW insta gib disengauge... So corney... terrible mechanic... so brutal...


I wish there was a better way.



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There are many ways out of engagement. 


You can take talents that raise deflection when you disengage. 


Someone like Eder is tough enough to just walk out of engagements without taking too much of a hit. 


Grimoire Slam lets Alroth disengage. 


Knock enemies down, paralyse them, charm them, to disengage safely.


Cipher has abilities pushing people back. 


Rogues have escape. 


Ogres are obviously tough and they are exactly the kind of enemy you really don't want getting close to your squishier guys. It should be punishing to disengage from a huge ogre. 


Try summoning your skeletons not in the middle of all the ogres. 

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It is usual "attack of opportunity", without it you can just kite enemies around while shooting at them. They flanked tank and surrounded wizard - not a problem, just stroll from them...

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No, you can kite enemies with engagement, I have several videos on my youtube channel demonstrating this. It doesn't stop kiting at all.


The only real-time games that have AoOs or similar in them are NWN1, NWN2, Pillars of Eternity and Blood Bowl RTwP mode, to my knowledge. They're badly implemented in NWN1 but at least they have a walk mode that doesn't proc them. They're horribly implemented in NWN2 and Pillars of Eternity (of which, they are buggy) and no one plays Blood Bowl RTwP mode.

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