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Achievements on GOG version?

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I went for GOG over Steam for practical reasons. I know the achievements are there on Steam but I was wondering of there was a way to view them in the game itself rather than having to do it through Steam or some other client? You know, kind of like in Diablo 3 and Dragon Age.


It's not a huge deal obviously and it's not as though I'll stop playing if I can't see achievements, but I just wanted to check to make sure whether or not there was some option to see them that I've somehow overlooked.

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Some gog games have achievements, but the developers needs to make it an internal part of the game.  With Steam, most achievements is tied to the Steam client.


Personally, I would prefer if I could disable achievements for all my games.  I just don't have any use for them.

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GoG doesn't do achievements. Their thing is DRM free games. If they were to turn the GoG downloader into something like Steam with achievements and hat trading people would rightly call them out for turning their back on their promises


Oh absolutely, I don't want GOG to turn nto Steam. I'd actually prefer all achievements to be within the actual game that they're associated with anyway, even when it comes to games I play on Steam. Some of them are, but most of them aren't; they just take the lazy way out and put it all on Steam.

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