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  1. Wouldn't be a complete first, they did this for FTL. Though it looks like that was only about 10,000 backers, and Eternity is well over 30,000 in just a few days? Hadn't heard about the new Carmageddon, but I guess this is something GOG is willing to do (though we no have idea what the terms of the deal were).
  2. It's a bit too early to be doing that, I don't see any point of requesting them to add a game which is at least a year and a half away. I don't know why it would be. GOG is doing recent and even new releases these days. Even if it is somehow too early, it's not too early to start getting Eternity votes on the Wishlist for whatever day isn't too early. If only this were so. The off-line mode has only ever worked for me when I don't need it to, i.e. when my internet connection is intact. Trying to turn it on whenever I actually need it because my internet connection has gone
  3. I Nth this motion. GOG is my favorite distributor by far. Still considering a pledge, being able to get my copy on GOG would definitely push me to do it. Awesome, will do.
  4. I can't honestly say I'm wild about the idea of an Alpha Protocol 2. The story was delivered well, I loved how the cutscenes and conversations were done, but the story itself is not something I need to see continued. But some kind of successor in the "espionage RPG" vein that follows up on some of the amazing things AP did, whether called Alpha Protocol or not? Yes please.
  5. Cool, thanks for the reply. Sounds like I should give Hard a try then.
  6. I've tried to find something on this forum or through Google that details what changes between difficulties, but about all that's come up is "bosses are hard on hard" and "hacking difficulty goes up with APs." So, from the former, I assume enemies get extra health and/or endurance, for a start. But does anyone know exactly what scales based on the difficulty level? Personally, I'm particularly interested in: -What changes between Normal and Hard -Whether difficulty affects stealth, or just combat - I'd welcome the latter for a stealth/non-lethal playthrough, but not so sure I'd want
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