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  1. Pillars already has achievements on GOG in galaxy client noticed them bout a week ago don't know how long they'we been there http://imgur.com/1lzmcvn,
  2. I like the idea of self-discovery, but rather than tying the soul to a physical item it could be an internal journey. The soul's probably a lot more experienced than the current reincarnation, so you'd want to tap into its knowledge after you discover it, then learn to master it. It's something like how Planescape's TNO learned from his previous selves, each with its own personality. In fact, the "evil" ones may try to reach out and influence you with promises of power, or even take over if you overestimated your willpower. I didn't mean for the soul to be represented by an item b
  3. Greetings, I'm a long time lurker but a first time poster on this forum (or any other forum for that matter xD). Anyway indroductions aside the reason I'm making this post is I wish to discuss equipment and souls in PE. Since in this game souls will have a strong connection with the world I was thinking that it could be for equipment as well. That got me thinking in what other fantasy universe other the IE games have i seen souls connected with equipment and 2 universes poped into my mind. The first is an Anime called Bleach and the second is the King's Bounty games. This is a
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