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Playing the game in spanish

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I always play games in english instead of spanish (my first language), since translations are terrible and you lose a lot of personality, expressions, etc.

However, after trying both ways, I am playing the game in spanish and I am really surprised and thanksful about it.


The translations are really good, they have been made with care, it is as if they had been translated by a RPG gamer itself, and educated one, and who had investigated about it before, AND is a native spanish speaker. (From Spain)


I cant even imagine the effort this would take for all languages. If they had done it on purpose, I would like to express my gratitude!

Really helps the immersion since it is heavy and difficult reading, I would be missing words in english.



PS: However, the translations of skills/spells are terrible. "50 damage over 6 seconds" is not translated correctly at all, and it is really confusing. Really minor thing, since any RPG gamer knows what they mean more or less. I can look for those in a wiki or something, or even put it in english, read all skills, and put it back on spanish.

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Quarterstaffs are translated as Pikes.

There are a couple instances of duplicated text in dialogues (thank god they had voiceover)

Found a few sentences that don't make sense unless you try and reverse engineer them (if you know some English and read a lot of translated stuff you know what I mean "Tu fiesta te espera arriba" that kind of stuff)


It's solid considering they were on a budget but it has problems. I would play in English but it get tedious with so much text.

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I also agree with it. I think the Spanish translation is quite good and we thank the team for this. However it is also true that there are some mistakes they should correct as soon as possible. For me the most important ones are related to the items, spells, etc because they affect while you are playing, comparing items, etc. The problem here is not the translation itself but the order of the words (for example: crush vs. deflection and not deflection vs. crush).

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