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Endless Paths of Od Nua - Stuck

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So, Ive been playing the game on hard, and obliviously descended into the pit of Od Nua, killed the Dragon, ventured down another level. Now I have essentially become stuck. No camping supplies, majority of my characters with zero endurance, no saved game before descending into the pit and cannot seem to find a way out. 


Perhaps I am missing something completely obvious to escape, but I am literally at a point where if I cannot get out, my game is ruined. Dropped the difficulty to easy to see if I could fight my way out, still no luck.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do here? Its really ruining the experience for me :(

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don't go down the pit guys...


I could have sworn there was a master staircase on that level, so unless you have progressed to a point where you are totally unable to move and your autosave is even pat that point, the master staircase should only be a few rooms away from the drake room

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On level 5 there is a master stair case which takes you to the beginning. It is located to the east south-east. I don't think you can go past levels 4 and 3 if you are low on life so the master stair case is probably your only option, unless you go the console route.

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Wait, one can go further down than the 15th level?


Edit: Ah no, my mistake. You're talking about the sacrificial pit of the first levels...

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If it doesn't kill you, it just missed its target.

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