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what are the classes that can cast buffs to benefit others (either modal or temporary)?


basically i want to build my group around buffing up my main (rogue dual wielder) so i can have him do most of the killing. spells that increase his stats/damage and such. i read some wiki descriptions and it seems like chanters have a bunch of constant group buffs they can choose from. who else has buffs? i am asking because it is too much work to read all the skills from 11 classes and my only experience so far is with my rogue. thanks.

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so chanters and paladins (i saw a couple on Pallegina when i got her) have toggle aoe buffs that stay on, and priests have only short-duration buffs that you cast?

what are some other good "support classes"? buffing/healing/cc. i read that druids have healing and spells that make targets backstab-able so i would count them.

so that makes:


as the top support classes?

my strategy probably sounds weird to some but i am a solo player at heart so i just like to control him mostly in combat. in particular the toggle buffs (chanters/paladins) are my favorite since i don't need to micro manage them in fights as much to get the benefits. i play on normal difficulty so overall group optimization is not as important, although i will probably get 1 tank (fighter is the best tank for damage mitigation?)

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ciphers get debuffs which are really good and can be used multiple times per encounter.  the level 1 blind/daze is great, and their aoes are foe only for the most part.  they also get screen wide knockdown at high level and other things.

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