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Do Talent Points Carry Over?

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If you don't use all you talent points (Athletic, Lore, etc.), will they carry over the next time you level?


Edit - I'm meant skills.


And I found out the answer....


At first level, characters have only their class’ inherent bonuses to two skills. These bonuses are always considered when calculating the character’s
total skill value, but they are not counted when the character advances their skills.
Each level after first, the player gains 6 points to spend toward upgrading their skills. It’s worth noting that points can’t be stored for later, and that
spending points might not elevate a skill to its next highest level.
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Talent points must be spent or else it won't let you progress with the level-up process. Skill points do carry over (my characters just leveled up and I checked) -- otherwise you would wind up being forced to distribute points to skills you don't want for the sake of not wasting them. You cannot allocate points to skills unless you have enough to pay for a full skill level (i.e. if your current Lore requires 5 points to upgrade, you can't give it 3 points now and 2 more at the next level up; it has to be all at once).


Basically, the "answer" in the last sentence of the original post is completely wrong.

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Which is a lot more logical since if you get 6 skill points per level, and they didn't carry over... 6 would be the max  you could have 9aside bonuses) which would make things limited at high level.


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uhm .... athletics and such DO carry over, at least from my experience.

If you're talking about unspent talent skill points, then no, they don't.


According to the strategy guide - Page19.png page 19. I could be wrong but this sounds like they don't.

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