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  1. Whenever there is voiced dialogue (like with Durance for instance) it doesn't start until a good couple of seconds from where it should have. I looked around a bit on the forums but couldn't find anything about this. Sorry if this has already been answered, and I'm sure other people have experienced this. Is there any fix? For example, when asking Durance about his name and why he wants to speak to you, he says "I didn't give it. --- You probably find names as useless as I do." Almost the entire first sentence is cut out, so all you hear is "it. You probably find names as useless as I do." Sure, it doesn't affect the game greatly, but it's pretty annoying.
  2. If you're talking about unspent talent skill points, then no, they don't. According to the strategy guide - page 19. I could be wrong but this sounds like they don't.
  3. Also having this problem. Pre-ordered the Royal Edition - today, Steam then "downloaded" all items as DLC - and yet they are no where to be found. Steam says "All downloadable content is automatically installed and uninstalled along with this product, and can be accessed by launching it." though I think this applies to all games. I have also tried restarting Steam and creating a new character as said here, and yet nothing has shown up. As long as we get these items, all should be okay.
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