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  1. Sorry to make it confusing. I was hoping a mod would've changed the title. I, too, was going by the Prima Strategy Guide in terms of whether skill points carry over if you don't use them.
  2. I tested fighting spirit and it doesn't seem affected by this, since it get's triggered. I'm not that far in the game, so I rolled to earlier saves to see what and if I lost any abilities and I'm currently OK. I have been losing inventory items here and there and have to occasionally reload, but sometimes I'm too far in the game and the item wasn't that important for me to roll it back.
  3. If you don't use all you talent points (Athletic, Lore, etc.), will they carry over the next time you level? Edit - I'm meant skills. And I found out the answer.... At first level, characters have only their class’ inherent bonuses to two skills. These bonuses are always considered when calculating the character’s total skill value, but they are not counted when the character advances their skills. Each level after first, the player gains 6 points to spend toward upgrading their skills. It’s worth noting that points can’t be stored for later, and that spending points might not elev
  4. I added all the items to my inventory and equipped some of it. I didn't realize until I was attacking the ooze that all of it was gone. I just went to reload a previous save and it didn't happen the second time around.
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