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Are there Katana's in Eternity

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I believe you can create a fighter for whom it is advantageous to not wear armour, and cannot wear a helmet.

Everyone knows Science Fiction is really cool. You know what PoE really needs? Spaceships! There isn't any game that wouldn't be improved by a space combat minigame. Adding one to PoE would send sales skyrocketing, and ensure the game was remembered for all time!!!!!

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Ah, dammit. In some later playthrough I wanted to make a Chamberlain-like character dual-wielding pistol and katana going "I shoot you! If I don't shoot you, I cut you! Wakarimasu ka?"

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Nothing gold can stay.

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Well, first, no, there are no katanas.


But second, you'll be glad to hear that building a Kensai-type character is actually extremely easy.


I actually kinda want to try making a High-Dexterity Clothed (or Robed, possibly) non-Tank Fighter now. Shouldn't be too hard, and it might be nice to have a Fighter that isn't built around Knockdown.


Generally though, when I think Kensai, I would think light-ish two-handed weapons (in case I'd go for an Estoc, it's like a large, two-handed rapier) or a single One-Handed weapon (in which case I'd go for a Sword for style or Sabre for power). Unfortunately, duelists are notoriously terrible when compared to two-handed weapons and dual-wielding, but it's been buffed in a patch we haven't seen yet, but it's unknown exactly how or how much. Some people really like to dual-wield though, and it would work very well, especially with sabres.


While sabres have lost their Damage Over Time mechanic (which I understand, but I still think it's sad as hell, because it was interesting and unique) they now do above-average damage, so dual-wielding sabres could be a really good build.

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cool thanks! I've got a monk, I think I might add weapon specialisation if its possible (im only level 3) I know its a bit rundant since bare fist are really good at later levels. 


I think I might try to create a dex non-tank fighter as a extra adventurer.


I really love the game, BTW!!! I was like 18 when I played BG2. This really bring backs memories!

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