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Question regarding whether I should install this to SSD or HD...

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SSD is actually very good for this kind of games, with big images/sprites/textures. I haven't properly tested it but the difference in load times i see between my setup (SSD) and many videos I see on youtube (Sensuki's for example) is staggering. It could be other parts of the hardware but I think it's mostly an HD vs SSD difference, considering that it's the most influential thing on load times.


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SSD makes a difference. Over the course of the beta I had it installed on my SSD and a 7200 RPM HD. Is the difference huge? No, but I am definitely going for the SSD install. The IE games (and NWN games) happen to be games that I have played off and on every few months over the past 15 or so years. I will play the **** out of this game for a few months at least. It is worth saving me a little on each load screen. I will burn out, and 6 months later I will be back at it.

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