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Roleplaying and decent attributes = main char must be a tank?

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I have seen a couple of videos where it was stated that Might, Constituion and Dexterity were mostly combat attributes while Perception, Intelligence and Resolve were used more often in dialogue.

Since Perception and Resolve seem to only be useful for tanks, it seems that in order to get a decent roleplaying experience out of PoE without gimping my main character severely, my main character has to be a tank.

Due to this, I am planning to go through the first time with a paladin tank, it just seems like a very strange design choice from Obsidian. Instead of something like persuasion skill, they use Resolve attribute and make it fairly useless for most characters. I guess only the guys that take a beating for a living are the charming ones :>.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Given the disposition dialogue options and attribute-dialogue not being the end-all be all of options... I'm going to ignore it and build an effective character.  I've no desire to play a meatshield. Also, int is a 'dialogue' stat, and very useful for a lot of combat builds, so I doubt I'll feel lacking.


Also, if I find I really want to see attribute dialogue options, I could always enchant several pieces of gear with +per/res and call it my 'talking to people' clothes. Just change outfits when hitting town.

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Don't forget that Josh said that an attribute option is not a guaranteed win.

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we got three characters we is still juggling for our first play o' poe, and all three were more than serviceable in our many bb hours o' gameplay.


dual wielding priest o' berath or eothas. (maces or flails)




dual wielding rogue likely to use spears.


stat breakdown is almost identical for the priest(s) and the rogue:


m 10

c 10

d 10

p 16 (18)

i  16 (14)

r 16


priests will take lore and some athletics skill.


rogue will choose stealth (fingers-crossed that obsidian fixes stealth) and lore.


what made such characters powerful or weak in the beta had less to do with starting attributes and more to do with talent and ability choices... and weapon choice too. 


the poe starting attributes are significant, but they are no more impactful than were the starting attributes in d&d 3 point-buy.  is our opinion, stated more than once, that people is getting too concerned about the mechanic impact o' attributes. mechanically, talent and ability choices will quickly eclipse the importance o' attributes in poe. 


HA! Good Fun!


ps we will note that 3e d&d starting attributes were actual more significant 'cause o' the threshold issues with saves and bab n' such.  an extra wisdom or intelligence point could actual have long term impact that does not similarly exist in poe.  most d&d attribute significance were due to post level 1 inflation, but even so, the starting attributes had more importance than poe 'cause o' thresholds. 

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Don't forget that Josh said that an attribute option is not a guaranteed win.

They showed off in one of the videos how there are red herring options.  Some dialogue options which require a particular attribute will still fail, even if you meet the attribute's requirement, just because they were bad ideas to begin with.

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Don't forget that Josh said that an attribute option is not a guaranteed win.

this is the most important thing to remember.

here's how using you stats for dialogue out of context could be detrimental

you are talking to someone who's afraid of you and he keeps his hand close to his weapon

1. tell me about (insert subject here)

2. (might) i can kill you before you even think of drawing that blade

3. (intelect) i can pay you for your trouble

4. calm down im not your enemy, i just want to talk

5. (perception) that yellow spot in your eye... you have the plague don't you?


1. he repeats his request to leave him alone while backing away slowly

2. he runs away

3. his eyes brighten, he licks his lips and says "20 coppers, i ll tell  you anything you want to know"

4. he takes a step back but talks to you while still on guard

5. i don't have the plague, i won't let you kill me, DIEEEEE!!!!

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