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Who said AumAUA ?


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It was my cat (one-of my) GASTON who once after being half forgotten in the rooftop room he lived in, without water, when I showed up went very serious and started asking for (m)AUA, (m)AUA. He did pick up my chit chat when feeding him and served him water that it was indeed water (AGUA). His intention at pronunciation was notable, you d say spine shivering. He later managed to change character and after a cat-kicking he lost against the she-cats, he finally won the right to live with the rest of the cat community. But I do find from time to time references to (m)AUA. Preetty big headed tomcat, RIP. Hey! So who said Au(m)AUA in your design parlour? DId you know some primitive anthropoid bodies are empty inside and get filled through biorradio with whatever contents _other_ people think and may even say? I see you have some two in your teams... and their contents _will_ have uncredited sources....

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If I understand this right it's a Spanish/Portugese speaking guy saying that his cat once attempted to pronounce water but mispronounced it in such a way that it sounded like the Pillars of Eternity race Aumaua and that, through psychic means, this may be the inspiration for the race name.


...I'm going to go and have a lie down.

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