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Spells animation too fast?

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Looking at stuff like fireball or the bouncing magic missile (can't remember the name), i think the animation speed has to be decreased by half.

They are so fast paced that they look like you are in fast mode, even in slow mode.

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You mean decreased by half after you click "half speed" to the left of the clock?


IMO, movement animations are a bit faster than what I'm used to in the IE games, but I haven't compared footage from PoE and BGII for example.


On average, there are more active abilities in a PoE party than in an IE game's party, so I guess people who want to play optimally will have to pause more. I pause an awful lot, but I doubt I'll be able to win encounters otherwise, not until I'm much better at the game at least.

A Custom Editor for Deadfire's Data:

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Auto-Slow-Mo is in, I believe.

That is, if you enable slow mode during combat, it will return to normal speed at the end of combat, and will enable slow mode itself upon entering combat.


At least, I think that's how it went. I've mostly played on regular speed and paused, paused, paused.

Would have to check.

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Whoops. I was wrong.

There's no Auto Slow Mode.


What it will do, however, is drop you out of Fast Mode to normal speed when entering combat, and back up to Fast when combat is over. (If you were exploring in Fast Mode, that is.)


Sorry for the confusion // dashed hopes.

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