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Assigning Numbered Groups?

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Will we be able to split our party by selecting "1" or "2" or even selecting the entire group with a hotkey? I've noticed in all the videos players have to drag and click on the map to select all of the party... Can this be avoided by assigning hotkeys?

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This is pretty good idea. It means control groups where maybe F1 you can have 2 characters as one group or F2 you can have 3 characters as one group and etc. What i see at the moment is that every character needs to be manually controlled. And there are no AI Tactics etc.

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Right. so they way I like to fight is to have melee characters grouped, ranged and then casters. but the 1-6 can work alright, then backspace to select the entire party to move around. Dragging a box or mouse clicking to select party members is not my preferred style of game play. 

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Well, I was wrong. Just gave it a try.


Yes, you can assign groupings to the number keys. 1 through 6 are pre-assigned to the characters, but can be overwritten.



Note that the grouping work of the location of the portraits, not the characters themselves. If you re-order your party, you'll have to adjust your groupings as well.


Say you have a party, with their portraits on the screen as follows:

Alice - Bob - Clarice - Dave


[1] Will map to Alice, [2] to Bob, etc.

Say you set [7] to a grouping of Alice and Bob.


Now move Dave's portrait to the front. (So now, [1] will map to Dave, [2] To Alice, [3] to Bob and [4] to Clarice)

Also, [7] is now mapped to Dave and Alice. (the two leftmost portraits)

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