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What do we know about the music by now?

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I've read some discussions about the soundtrack. For example the one about the main theme (with orchestra).

There aren't many other known pieces? Only thing I found is this on YouTube:



It contains 3 pieces of over 2 years old. I surprisingly really like them! Especially the third one "Dirge of Eir Glanfath". I always liked these kind of chanting themes about old forgotten civilizations ;)


Will this still be in the game? And are there any other known pieces by now?

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Was a long time since I listened to that one. Yeah, that is really nice and I do hope it's still in the game in one form or the other. I love the opening with the harp and chimes especially. Soft and mysterious.


They haven't revealed much of the soundtrack. Sensuki ripped a few tracks from one of the earlier backer betas but I'm guessing those were not finished as of yet. No idea if they're gonna be in the game and in what state. I'm guessing at least some of those are live orchestrated now, as the main theme is (was only for the latest backer beta we got the orchestra version, earlier it was synthesized one).


The music that's actually in the backer beta is pretty soft, background stuff and not really driven by melody (which some people don't like, personally I like this approach). I think there will be bigger moments in the final game, and more melody stuff.


Unfortunately the music has been borked for the last few backer betas but I love the Inn music. Simple, classic guitar does wonders for the atmosphere I think.


There will be about one hour of orchestral music on the soundtrack according to a dev I PMd about it. Well, as far as he could remember. :)

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Listen to my home-made recordings (some original songs, some not): http://www.youtube.c...low=grid&view=0

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I must say that on Pax Panels (both south and east) we heard 3 different combat tracks, all pretty awesome.


The 1&2 are perfect and really BG style


The third is super epic and pretty different in style, it's really dynamic and it seems to have a lot of different influences


I guess we'll find them on youtube post release

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We know that there unfortunately isn't much percussion used.



There is not percussion but if u listen in the last part of "Dirge of Eir Glanfath" track we have bells... the Justin Bells to be exact  :biggrin: 

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If I remember correctly Mr Bell did say that the Dirge, as used in the original Kickstarter pitch, would be included in the game.

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