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Can someone Provide me with Character creation and Armor System Tips,

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Hey Guys,


Since the game will be realesed soon i have some questions for character creation etc..


I want to start with a Wild orlan barbarian On Hard difficulty focussing on Intellect and Might mainly.

He comes from the Living Lands with a Explorer Background.


i want him/her to be a Wild, but very Intelligent Character.


since i hopefully can play day 1 i would like to have some tips on the Attributes (im thinking of Maxing both int and Might).


The weapon of choice will be A Two handed sword (i heard two weapons are better atm, but i do not really care)


Another thing i need some help with is the Armor system. I would like to have him/Her stick with Hide Armor, but would like to know what you recommend for a such a character regarding speed/Cooldown between attacks.


I guess the character will be played as a Flanker who hits hard, but does not Tank.


Oh yes, i saw some discussion about skills i want to make an Athletics/Lore or Survival/Lore Hybrid. Since information is hard to come by regarding skill spread i can udnerstand if you cannot recommend anything but i would like to hear your opinion on the validity of the skill choices.

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If your goal is to make a crazy barbarian death dealer type fellow then yes, you want to max might and put as much as you can in Int.  Past that I would throw at least a few points into Con and possible Perception for added deflection bonus and interrupt chance.  You could also throw a couple points at Dex to increase weapon speed if you really feel the need.  I would ignore Resolve entirely.  I do not advise ever dumping any stat below 10 but that's your call, if you do, do it with Resolve or Dex.


Two handers are generally considered better for melee damage because they have higher damage ranges and everything in game is based on percent.  So when you start with a higher base number your damage bonuses will get better payout.  Two handers also have a range advantage which plays well into your Barbarian build concept.  Weapon of choice is up to you.  I would advise going with a great sword or morning star to fit your RP concept but any of the other two handers could work too.


If you want to maximize speed I would advise sticking with Hide or Leather armor.  They will offer some defense without bending you over too much on speed penalties.  Breastplate is actually the sweet spot if you ask me but it totally doesn't fit your character concept.


Skill wise you want to focus on athletics and survival.  Throw some stuff at Lore and Stealth when you can but don't focus them.  Ignore mechanics for this character entirely.


Statline specifics I would go with .... 18 Might, 12 Con, 10 Dex, 12 Perception, 16 Int, 10 Resolve.  Reverse Perception and Dex for taste if you feel the need.

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Honestly, high DT armors and high DTpenetration/piercing weapons in the current beta build are just the way to go. So far my easiest run through the game is a party using mostly arbalests/guns and heavy armors along with a super high deflection tank.


Hide isn't really high DT, but you could get away with it as your barbarian isn't your tank - which he shouldn't be because barbs make sucky tanks. As a flanker you'd be fine, at least judging by the limited backer beta content.


Your attribute plan is fine. I'd put a decent amount into perception too, for +deflection and interrupt.


Personally my skill priorities are:


1 high-ish lore character

1 very high mechanics character

1 high-ish athletics character

1 high-ish survival character - optional

+Stealth on everyone so I can sneak attack with my heavy hitting ranged weapons.


I put the highest stealth on my two front tanky characters as they're closest to enemies - plus if I want to scout, better to pull with my most durable characters if I get spotted.



I don't currently have a place for a barbarian in my "ultimate party" but hopefully by release they'll be better. Right now they're hard to gauge since interrupt is bugged which is heavily favorable for the class. I think the problem for me with barbs is that AoE melee is just <<< AoE place-able/ranged spells.

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what exactly is the merit of taking Survival/Athletic?


i really want him, for his Background/ RP reasons to have Lore as his main Skill, i thought i would specialise in two and dont invest in other skills at all. He/She is not the person to stealth into the enemy, but more of a charakter barking Orders while crushing the heads of the enemy. I just think that as an Explorer the Lore skill makes sense (also i personally want to read as much Lore content as possible, and i feel i want that on my main)

Stealth and Mechanics are pretty uninteresting imho for this char. And i just fear that if i splitt it over three things that the skill levels wont be high enough. (could happen with only two as well, but i will risk that)



EDIT: also thanks at karkarov and Odd hermit, i liked your post but wanted to thank you correctly, its appreciated

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You can check this latest video series. You can pause whenever to read at your pace. The game heas a very detailed built-in encyclopedia (called cyclopedia) covering each and every aspect of its mechanics.


There are many other video series that may prove useful and also you check the official wiki for other information.


heh, to be honest this is the first game I follow for 2 years and couldn't yet decide what my character would be. I think it has the most interesting character creation ever :)

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Can't say a whole lot about the frequency of skill checks, but Lore does seem to be the one most often used in conversations.


Cost of skills goes up per rank. and every rank cost it's rank in points.


0 - 0 pts.

1 - 1 pts.

2 - 2 pts. (3 total)

3 - 3 pts. (6 total)

4 - 4 pts. (10 total)



You get 6 points per level.


Starting bonuses (From Class and Background) add up after this.

So getting to rank 6 with a +2 bonus costs 10 skill points, but without it would cost 21, and this gap gets larger the higher you go.


So it's pretty cheap to dabble in a couple of skills, but real specialization is expensive, and you'd want all the starting bonuses to that skill you can get.


Your Barbarian Explorer would get +2 to Athletics and Survival, and +1 to Lore.

Now I think specializing with only a +1 is doable, but your secondary skills will suffer quite a bit.


Game mechanics wise, I believe Lore lets you cast spells from scrolls.


Survival makes consumables last longer.


Athletics helps with Fatigue. Fatigue is a (currently) hidden stat for exhaustion - after a number of fights, or after physical scenes, you get Fatigued and suffer a bunch of penalties. Rest to recover. It can be annoying if you leave Athletics at rank 0, but just 2 or 3 ranks stave off the worst of it, and the returns after that are rather diminished.


All can (and will be) checked for in dialogues and scenes. Lore more often in dialogues, and Athletics in the storybook scenes. Survival will pop up every now and then too.

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