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Recap of areas and description?

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So, we have the


2 big cities:

Defiance bay = colonial, modern architecture and lot of buildings, docks.


Twin Elms = wilder, nature architecture (bit elf-style\viking), in the middle of the forest



The villages


Dyford: classic small village with couple of houses


Gilded Vale: medium sized village with more houses and brown tones



The Stronghold


Large area with the main keep and megadungeon on lower levels, a secondary manor (for resting and other stuff) plus little houses nearby, maybe shops for when upgraded



Raedric's Hold


Isolated Gothic Castle, heavily guarded


Do you remember any others??



Btw, areas look gorgeus, can't wait for exploring them, maybe in the middle of the night (and yeah, i LOVE cricket sounds)

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Yes I remember all of the areas. I won't talk about anything not in the beta or seen in a stream/vid/screeny though.

The prologue stuff is called Cilant Lis. 

We've also heard of a place called Cliaban Ruillag, and Aslaug's Compass (used to be called Anslog's Compass).

The former is an Engwithan Ruin, the latter is a coastal area that has a Sundial or something.

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Neither far or nor close (it's that the proper english form? sry if not)


The first one is on the center of the map, the other is on the bottom right. 

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The proper would be "neither far nor close," just in case you really wanted to know. "Nor" takes the place of "or" to carry on the whole "not" idea that "neither" starts. "neither... or..." pretty much means the same thing, but it's not "proper," I guess 'cause the words don't have matching "n"s in that case? *shrug*


No worries on that, though. original.gif

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Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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