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[435] Weapon Switching Abuse



Weapon Switching with melee weapons



In this video, you can see that switching weapons during the attack animation ignores recovery time, and often glitches out the weapon animation


Weapon Switching with ranged weapons



In this video there is an inconsistency regarding recovery time lengths when you continuously switch weapons. This is the same bug as with melee weapons (it affects all weapons), but the behavior after the switch is different.


The first weapon switch uses the "weapon switch recovery" only. The moment you switch weapons and make an attack, one frame after the attack animation begins, the ranged weapon recovery time from the previous weapon starts playing, and your next weapon switch will add it's recovery time to that recovery time.


This behavior repeats in this pattern. Every odd weapon switch uses the weapon switch recovery only, and every even weapon switch uses the ranged weapon recovery from the previous weapon plus the weapon switch recovery.


How to address it? 

  • Allow switching weapons (and action cancel) to override attack animations before the hit frame, but not after the hit frame (as what currently happens)


  • When you click switch weapon during a weapon attack animation backswing, queue the action.


  • Always add the switch weapon recovery to the recovery from the previous action, but similar to the new interrupt, don't always add a new 2 seconds every time you change weapons, just reset the extra recovery to the switch weapon recovery time maximum - as it's possible to accidentally switch weapons twice and add 4+ seconds to recovery at the moment, I've done it a few times.
It sort of does bring up the question as to whether there needs to be extra recovery time added for switching weapons if the normal recovery from the previous weapon was always used though. I thought the 2 second recovery was just for switching weapons only *shrug*. Edited by Sensuki
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Yeah a simple universal weapon switch cooldown of 2 second delay before action after a switch and a forced action queue where the switch does not happen until AFTER the current action is complete will fix this.

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