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Population Density?

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I've looked at the above map and saw that the village of Dyrford was marked on it. Why would it? As far as we can see in-game this village consists of several buidlings. Isn't it to small to warrant inclusion on general maps? Or is the population so sparse that every settlement is significant?

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Dyrford may be a small village in-game, but if you ask me, it's probably larger in canon.


The village has an inn, a tannery, a smith, a healing woman... that is not a something every village would necessarily have, especially a small one with only ten families living in it. 

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Lol, first time i see that world map, nice.


I noticed that Vallian city names remind me a lot some of our cities, for example "Cirrara, Ancenze and Selona" seem ispired by "Ferrara, Firenze and Verona", eh eh

That's because the Vaillian Republics are inspired by the old italian city-states. Almost everything in the game is inspired by someplace in our late middle ages/rainessance time world.

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I always assumed that like many rural villages, what we see in-game is only the city centre, while there are cottages around the woods and houses along the roads that we simply don't get to see, all which are formally belonging to the municipality/town/whatevertheycallithere of Dyrford.

Also, there's a bridge there, it's a crossing, which might be enough to warrant it being marked on a map.

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Like some others....I always just assume you get a slice of the actual city in the game and not the entire actual canon village.


Take BG2 for example...in many of those zones you actually do see numerous houses and buildings that you can never go to or enter and they are part of the map and in game art content...they are just not of in game importance so you cannot go there or enter them.


We all are playing an RPG so some imagination still required yes?

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That said, they could've done something to reinforce that image, like actually having some house(s) just by the border of the town map that cuts out beyond the map or something.


But yeah.


Well yea that's what I was talking about so I definitely agree with that...it adds to the depth and the perceived size of the areas.

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