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DoT spell confusion

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Someone help me out here, how do DoT spells work in this game? I haven't paid attention to them before. Am I dumb or are they a bit strange.


If I make Druid with 19 resolve and 11 might and cast Autumn's Decay on the House Harond Guard on the Bridge, I get


- a graze reports in the log that the DoT will deal 20.6 damage over 4 seconds, what follows is 2 damage instances of 14 damage each.


- a hit reports the DoT will deal 20.6 damage over 7 seconds, what follows is 3 damage instances of 6 damage each.


The spell description windows says the DoT should last 5 seconds, not mentioning any influence from the resolve stat.


The guard has 11 DT against corrode as far as I can tell. I'm not sure if or how DT is taken into account. 


I tried the insect plague spell as well which shows more sensible hit/graze behaviour (i.e grazes do not do more damage than hits) but also shows weird accounting in the damage instances. 

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