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[364] Completing Cat and Mouse Quest bug



[Description:] When completing the Quest "Cat and Mouse", if you kill Nyfre and tell Medreth about it, he'll give you something, and then walk off. However, if you leave the area and return, Medreth is again back at his post as if nothing has happened. You can select the dialogue options to complete the quest again (without the loot and xp rewards) and Medreth will walk off again.


[steps to reproduce:]

1- Start quest as Vailian rogue.

2- Get quest from Medreth

3- Talk to Myfre and kill her party.

4- Return to Medreth and tell him that Nyfre was found and tha you killed her. Medreth and his crew will now walk away.

5- Go to another map or enter the dracogen inn.

6- Exit the inn. Return to where Medreth was.

7- You will find that Medreth is there again. You can initiate dialogue.

8- Tell him you found Nyfre again. Tell him you killed her.

9- Medreth will again walk away.

10 - Repeat 5-9 again.


[What should happen:] Medreth should leave and not return. (He should take his stinky boar with him too!)

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