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Positive Feedback v301

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I just wanted to create a positive feedback thread for this patch to balance the current/on coming and past constructive/critical threads as i think its important to let them know when they do things that are successful or at least heading in the right direction. Anyway here are my positives thus far (about 30 minutes played in v301)

My main positives are:
1) Great spell icons! I really love the colours as they fit the aesthetic perfectly and the images themselves are great!

2) I like the coloured arrows showing who is engaging who in melee range. 

3) The colour coded combat log is probably my favourite addition

4) The talents are beginning to show promise in offering more build variety 

5) The general feel and playing of the game feels much smoother and consistent than previously
6) The attributes are better as its not as simple of a decision where your points should be going and their are negative consequences for dumping a stat (Still a work in progress but better!)

Obviously there are things that still need to be tweaked and improved in this build but i have a much better feeling for how to game will look and play now. It has given me renewed hope and confidence in the game being exactly what i am looking for or at least pretty close to it :p 


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I agreed with you until #6.

Yeah i don't disagree that the attributes need some work, i was in two minds with the attributes but even with the Might v Perception arguments and the intellect discussion i still think its a improvement in philosophy from the previous system. Even just having negative effects when going below 10 seems to make it more of a tactical choice. If they can iron out balance between the damage dealing stats at a minimum i think it will be much more solid. I still think it's better or at least more progressive and interesting than the old BG1/BG2 aka DND stat system. Even if it isn't perfect at least they have tried to reinvigorate attributes in rpgs. 

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Today was the first chance I had to play with 301 and I too am finding it much improved -


Like the new icons - still getting used to the new attributtes - I like the +/- portion - what they do is still not very intuitive to me but I'm willing to see where it goes.


I still have no clue how the chanter sets up his chants there is just not an iota of official information on this that I can find and yet the system "allows" you to do whatever you wish and I can't believe that placing them in any old order is going to accomplish anything - 1 of this and 2 of that and 3 of these and then one each of this that and the other -???? And when do you move on to the next "staff" how many staffs can you set up? does it matter?.....So I just don't play them... :(



still some weirdness going on here and there - (I have a boar from Medreths party that won't die - he is knocked out - wakes up (red circle) everyone hits him but does no damage - he disappears - shows up again wash rinse repeat - (this happened with two characters in a row so I'm guessing this is a known issue by now) - This time we just walked away and went on about our business - have not yet been back to see if he is still there - if his master is dead shouldn't he be dead too?


crashed in the egg area and I suspect it was caused by attempting to use the wreath of flames item which seemed to go completely wacko with weird visuals and audio stuff going on which slowed things to a crawl and at some point BB priest got "stuck" - saved and exited which caused a crash altho the save loaded ok after a restart other than losing any stuff we had not picked up (like the mages loot with the grimoire)


And about this egg quest - the first time I tried it we succeeded (probably on easy) and have never succeeded again (now on normal) BB fighter failed (dropped egg) with athletics of 7 and today barbarian adventurer failed (dropped egg) with 8 athletics what else or what score is needed?


All in all I'm seeing positive improvements and I'm pretty happy with the direction things are moving thus far! 

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