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Benefit of speed

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There basically is no tactical advantage associated with the paladin speed aura. It makes you a little faster when walking around town, wilderness trekking outside of combat, etc.

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This is incredibly confusing to me - how is speed NOT a tactical spell?


1) Engage enemies sooner

2) Avoiding being engaged

-- (and remember, POE has an engagement/dissengagement mechanic.

3) Potential to avoid some spells.

4) Kiting (yes, it is exists in some capacity in POE, though not to the extremes).

5) Positioning your team as best you can in ambush scenarios.

6) Getting to your ideal position faster, therefore taking action faster into more damage.


Speed LITERALLY translates into damage and defense if you consider that it helps you spend less time moving, and more time doing.


I think this list could be doubled or even trippled in size, but thats what i thought of instantly.


Lastly, i'm pretty sure that the auras can be swapped mid fight.

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The speed aura doesn't speed up attack speed? That seems counter-intuitive. It seems like you'd want to be able to flip between attacking fast or attacking with accuracy.

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Or the aura should reduce recovery time...."speed" in this game isn't intuitive whatsoever as there are too many different things related to such nomenclature.


Hell even Dexterity gives action speed....but it's not called SPEED it's called Dexterity.....yup not buying/getting it.

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