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Will there be a physical Collectors edition to non-backers?

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Anyone know this? Or any chance I can still pledge?

No, but if you head to the following link you'll see they're saying "Preorders coming soon" and my guess would be that there will indeed be a CE for non-backers.....but it's hard to say if it will be the same or not....the content and the box could end up being different.



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Somebody who bought a collector's edition could be a little bummed if they went and watered down the scarcity. In fact it'd be good if they changed the box style a little for non-backers.

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I was sniffing around looking for information about retail physical boxes, but anyway....


There should not be a CE in retail that's identical to the Kickstarter CE: The KS backers footed ALL THE RISK for this venture, so we obviously deserve a whole lot more. :p If there is a retail physical CE, there should be fewer special things in it, definitely.


But as for a regular physical retail box, I'm still looking around to see what the plans are for that since I haven't been up on the news for a long while. Anyone got something on that? I was sure that the retail version would strictly be digital, but I don't remember now.

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The KS Collector's Edition does not include the Collector's Book.

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I for one would love to get a collectors edition from retail. I really wanted to help back this project but due to lack of funds this year was unable to do so. I agree backers should get a special Collectors Edition but I would still like to obtain a physical copy around launch or for pre-order.

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