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The GREATEST murder mystery finally solved, who was Jack the Ripper


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It was a prostitute's shawl. It's easily possible that Kominski was a John, but not the killer.


To be fair, we don't know who's shawl it was.


It could have been Eddowes, it could have been someone who found the body, it could have been the killer.


Kominski might have been a john, but he also was a public self-abuser so its entirely possible there is a secondary way to get his **** on the shawl at that.

Could someone at least finish that thought before typing it. It makes no more sense from the repetition.


I'd try to figure out what I did wrong, but I don't understand your issue so I'm not sure how to rephrase it.


I'll try but it might not work.


The family that owned the shawl claimed that the shawl was found by Eddowes body.  They did not know who it belonged to.  Because of its type and perceived expense it is not believed to have been owned by Eddowes.


The area was known for prostitutes.  Eddowes was actually the second person killed that night.  There is a ten minute window from when she was last seen (with a man with a red scarf) and when her body was found by a constable on patrol.


If the Shawl isn't Eddowes, and if the man she was last seen with had a red scarf - not a shawl - was her murderer, where did the shawl come from?  It could have been dropped by another prostitute who found the body when she ran away for fear of being a victim herself.  It could have been from the crowd (as I believe most of the later murders generated a crowd - even still we know of at least 4 people who had been near the scene besides the police officer who found the body and the police surgeon).  It could have been dropped there before the murder even happened.


Kominski's bodily fluids could have gotten on it - if he weren't the killer - because it was owned by a prostitute he'd "visited" or that gotten on it because he was a public masturbater.  That's not even counting potential contamination of the shawl through 120 years worth of handling.

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If I had a time machine and could visit 3 places at a time of my choice (just observing, not interfering), I would probably want to see who was Jack the Ripper, was it really an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs and watch a sermon by Jesus (the one on the mountain most likely).

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