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[278]Sound FX randomly stop / start playing



[Description of the issue]

When moving around the map and moving from one combat to the next, all sound FX (weapons, footfalls, spells, hits etc.) will stop playing for up to one minute or more and randomly resume playing. Music and ambient sounds still work.



[steps to Reproduce]

  1. Engage in combat or move around the map.
  2. Finish combat, move to another location.
[Expected Behaviour]

Sound FX should play at all times.


[Other Remarks / Comments]

This did not happen at all in the previous build and SFX worked perfectly (with the exception of looping sounds while paused). I have not changed any sound settings or drivers on my computer.


There seems to be no tell-tale sign of when sound FX stop playing as they sometimes even stop just when moving around the map, without engaging in combat. But combat seems to be what triggers it most of the time.

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