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Strange resolution and movement on main menu after crash



I had the game crash while using the chanter and made a thread for that. I was playing the game at 2560x1440 and thought I might drop it to 1080p in case the slowdown improves. When I got into the game after selecting 1080p, the main menu looked strange. The smoky effects seemed to take up all the screen but the background was almost windowed and was actually slowly moving from right to left then back again. I alt-tabbed out to take a screen shot and save it but I could not alt-tab back into the game. I only had a blank black screen and could not alt-tab to anything else. I pressed ctrl alt del and was able to start the task manager, but the screen went blank again. I had to press ctrl alt del again and choose restart from the options, I could not get back into or out of the game or back to the desktop. I've attached a screenshot of what the main menu looked like. Cheers


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