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Combat, engagement and indicator request

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Just dropping my two-cents regarding my experiences in combat while playing around with the beta.


I have enjoyed the combat, but there are a couple of things I believe could improve the experience:


First of all I have a tendency to keep track on what is going on, it might be due to limitations of my computer and lack of optimizing of the beta, but I would like to request a selection circle indication on the guy, my guy is attacking. Just like in the BG games. I would also like a somewhat similar indication of whom my guy have engaged in combat (if it is more than the one he is attacking) and some kind of indication of who has engaged him, as I as it is have to just guess and that is hurting my tactical perspective.


Second, Regarding the whole engagement, disengagement-attack. It is not clear to me when the disengagement-attack will fall. Will it be if a guy I have engaged tries to move, or can he move freely around in my engagement "zone" (effectively circling around me to engage the wizard behind me). Circling isn't much of a problem in wide open spaces, but it does get a bit annoying that you can't zone people in more cramped conditions. I would suggest that as soon a character moves while being engaged he will get hit, but then not get a disengagement hit from that guy until he engages again.


Third, I find that the movement speed in combat feels like it is a bit too fast and that slow movement speed effects don't really matter because doubling the time the opponent will get to you is pointless when he'll reach you in a second.



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Very similar to the post a few up from here, still just as valid.  We do need more feedback and indicators to show who is engaging whom, who isn't engaged at all, and combat is a teensy bit too fast.

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With all this engagement talks Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat comes to mind with it's immortal Engage! Charge! combo. If we engage why we don't charge in PoE?

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I see the dreams so marvelously sad


The creeks of land so solid and encrusted


Where wave and tide against the shore is busted


While chanting by the moonlit twilight's bed


trees (of Twin Elms) could use more of Magran's touch © Durance


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