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Launcher resolution setting seemingly ignored by the game.



[Description of the issue]

The resolution selector on the launcher splash screen doesn't set the game resolution correctly. It always ends up being the native resolution.


[steps to Reproduce]

1 - Run the game full screen at a non-native resolution. Note how the "Obsidian" intro video runs at the selected resolution.

2 - When you reach the main menu screen, notice how the resolution has returned to the native resolution.

3 - Note the incorrectly sized main menu background. It loads a smaller image expecting a smaller screen, but instead gets a larger screen.

4 - Load a game. The game will load at the native resolution and not the chosen resolution.


[Expected Behaviour]

The game should run at whatever resolution is selected in the splash screen.


[Other Remarks / Comments]

This is probably the cause of my previous report about the incorrect menu background size. See here.


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