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Mac user took an ill-advised reboot to BootCamp partition...



I am a self-admitted Mac fanboy, but just couldn't wait for Pillars beta.  So I decided to reboot into a YEARS old BootCamp partition.  I think its running some old copy of Windows7.  I honestly have no idea.  (Steam was already on it from when I decided to replay Diablo2 one time).  Anyway, Steam took a long time to update, but eventually worked.   PoE linked to my account fine, and I downloaded the beta.


Didn't get much further than character creation though...crashed several times (all during character creation).   One time I got into the game, but crashed shortly after walking around a bit.   I have a few crash dumps somewhere on my machine, but I'm not sure where it saved them.  If it would help, I'll happily go track them down, but I probably should just wait for the Mac version, yeah?


For example, this crashes everytime:


1) Human -> next

2) Meadow Folk -> next

3) Click Wizard (pauses a sec)

4) Click Chanter (pauses,   then BOOM....every time).


I don't know if its useful though, as I probably am using a very ill-advised setup!   (As I said, just couldn't wait!).


Everything I saw looked amazing though!  Looking forward to the OSX version!





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Hello pj4533,


Using the boot camp partition is probably not the root cause, but it may be.


We are still optimizing character creation and level up interfaces. This causes them to be rather demanding at times, spiking in both memory and cpu usage. (And sometimes causing crashes on certain pcs)


Expect that the process should be much smoother as we continue to work towards a polished product.



As always, thank you for your continued support and feedback!

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