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There has been some discussion in the various video threads on Backgrounds, including references to weapons and why one is going to choose a certain background and such, but I thought it would be fun to have a topic on this OUTSTANDING aspect of the character creation process. 


For reference: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Culture_and_background 


(N.B. I don't know if there are multiple wikis or not or if there is any competition, and if there is I have no vested interest one way or another, this is just the first that came up with a google search of PoE Wiki). 


A couple question I want to ask to start out with -


1) Are these ALL the background choices? Are there going to be some more with different racial/subracial choices? I saw a number were locked to culture selection. 


1a) If they are inclusive already, is there a chance of adding any more? I doubt there would be time with additional dialogue and such, but it can't hurt asking. I would particularly like a soldier background, which I think is distinct enough from mercenary, unless there are dialogue options to make mercenary seem more like an ex-soldier then a sell-sword. 


2) This is a question in honour of Sylvius the Mad, but do we HAVE to choose a background? Is there a mysterious wanderer background for us to choose if none fit our roleplay preference? Is this included in a drifter (although this sounds like a fantasy hobo to me; a stabbing kind of hobo of course). 

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I fear that those are all the backgrounds. One thing that struck me as slightly odd in one of those vids: A barbarian was picked, and aristocrat was available. If we think of barbarians in the typical condescending way, almost as tribal savages with rather simple technology, the thought of an aristocrat, with a monocle, a craving for tea, striped trousers, as well as exquisite taste and manners become a bit hilarious. I guess, the Penguin in Batman comes pretty close. ;)

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^I brought up the barbarian aristocrat in another thread - totally gonna role-play that on my 2nd playthrough now.

Have to quote Namutree for this comment:

Edit: here's the original (had trouble searching for it as I'd mis-spelt 'aristocratic' as 'arisrocratic' :rolleyes:





Can we release the character creation portion about a week or 2 before the game?  I'm gonna need that long - looks great :)

Suddent urge to create an arisrocratic barbarian...


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1)It's likely that there will be more. Each culture that was shown had individual backgrounds. (Philosopher and scholar for ixamitl Plains and slave and clergyman for aedyr).

1a) E3 previews  said that you could be a ''mercenary'', ''bodyguard'', ''adventurer'', ''doctor'', ''soldier'', ''criminal'' or ''sherrif'. But the e3 presentation was without the character creation, so either Josh mentioned them or it was an answer you could give Calisca for a background. So it's likely that you can make a soldier.

Also from a e3 summary from a user:

the companion start up a conversation praising your skills somewhat and asking how you got them. Answers ranged from being in the war, being a mercenary, being a person bodyguard, an adventurer, a thrill seeker, or just telling her to mind her own damn business.

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Sigh i REALLY hope they give us some good info in the guide that we getting about the different cultures. I mean enough to give us a broad idea of said cultures so we can have a decent idea of what culture we are coming from to connect with.

really REALLY loving what im seeing, i havent seen any game go as far as this without mods in appearance/weapins/etc from creation.

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