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What would PE look like if Obsidian catered to the worst of us?

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Turn based games are the best games, Civ series, Total War, and Infinity Engine games are the best games ever made in the RPG and Strategy genre.


Last I checked, Chess and Monopoly are also turn based, and those are the most popular board games out there. And poker and every other card game.


Monopoly is terrible and you're terrible for presenting it as an example of a good game.


...also did you just present the Infinity Engine games as examples of turn based games?

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Giant linear hallway with 90% cutscenes and 10% cover-based combat. And QTEs. And all the characters are burly white dudes ©.

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On the object is an image of an earth pony in tainted pony bone. On the object is an image of a pegasus in tainted pony bone. The earth pony is performing horrific acts on the pegasus. The pegasus is screaming. The earth pony is laughing. The artwork is related to the murder of the Ranger Rainbow Dash by the Cook Pinkamena Diane Pie on 13th Granite, 142.


Would you like to know more? !!=My Little Fortress - Friendship is Magma=!!

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Mages would be ridiculously powerfull (put those of second edition to shame). Walking Avatars of whatever binds universe and reality together. Also no intelligence required, more of a sorcerous thingie with ability to choooooseeee spells at ready!!!. Becouse whats intellingence got to do, got to do...with it! There is no such thing as balance. Mages rule. All other setient beings, bipedal or not with intelligence higher than your avarage animal or human recognise this as a natural order of things. Finally there is no such thing as balance!


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