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How many [Rings]?


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  1. 1. How many Rings?

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    • 2 (Traditional)
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    • 10 (Ten Fingers)

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Do you have to wear it on a finger? Its a ring yes, but for magic to work is it touch based, on your skin...how does the ring now its a finger? Just put them all on a chain and around your neck. Close to skin...oh the possibilities, the power! No longer limited by power of '2'... sure you do appear like some sort of robed pimp..but hey, you get to say YO BITCHES and than pulverise all around you. Sweet...yes...ten fingers 10 rings and there can be more than 1 per finger yees ;) 


It could be interesting if the ring doesnt fit...we could fashion it into something else without loosing enchantment. Crafting.


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I don't really want to limit gear like this by an arbitrary ceiling. You  can balance it in different ways: yes, buffout one of your characters but the rest of your party gets nothing, for instance. Alternatively, you could say that each ring above a certain level becomes less effective.

Or perhaps for each ring above a certain nr you experience a slight debuff.


Myself, I'd make magical rings and amulets rare enough that it's just not  likely that you'll end up with a lot


Another alternative is to make some magical items class-specific.

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Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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lets say especially about rings behaves also charms like a rabbit foot, well in real world lore rings was uset as power symbols a ring could mean you where part of some power struggling faction, family ,could be religious or other wise a secret grupe and so on





nose rings

 tung piercing


magical jewels embedded in ones teeth

piercings with magic jewels unmentionables places


magical implants

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