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Just discovered this game. Very well done.

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Just wanted to add a comment that I finally played this game after owning it for almost a year (too many other games taken my time) and I was surprised at how well done this game is. Contrary to what I read out there. This is like the perfect Diablo\Baldurs Gate type hack n slash I've been looking for on a console for years now. Local Co-op is a blast. Just another reason for loving this game...is that family can play with me.


Will there ever be a sequel I wonder? :p

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Played through it as Anjali, Treasures of the Sun included, and really liked it :) While action RPGs are not my favourite genre, I was very pleased with the looks, the stability of engine and robust mechanics. The short books and other texts describing the world's background were really well done too. The environments also sounded pretty good.


Few points I was not fond of:

- Women were automatically pretty and big breasted and swaying their hips while running, while male characters looked pretty realistically varied - fan service much?  ;)


- Anjalis voice was... lacking - it may have been intended to sound otherworldly or something, but to me it sounded like a completely uninspired voice actress. Related to this, every now and then it seemed like the voice actors did not read the whole conversation, stressing syllables in a way that does not fit the context. I mention this very common problem because voice acting in Obsidian games was really top notch back in the Black Isle days.


- Aiming was a bit strange at times.

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After re installing it on my pc and playing through as Reinhart and Lucas I found myself really enjoying it. It had initially not been working on my system before I upgraded it and so got it on console and didn't enjoy it. Present day was bored and decided to reload it on steam since after you establish the key you don't need the hard copy any longer and have since been playing it a ton.


Is there any chance of a Dungeon Siege 4 in the future. DS3 is good at present and has great potential to grow even better in the future. The plot also leaves a plethora of plot openings for a sequel such as with the rebuilding of the kingdom with or the ancient legion enemies the radiant youth mentions at the very end of the game (they look like dragons of some sort). There is also the prophecy regarding Eleanor from the Lamasu.


Would be a shame for such potential to be left untapped.

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I've finally got myself to buying the game and finishing it. I have no idea why did it get so many bad reviews, I find the game very addictive :S

I was wondering the same thing, I remember first trying out the demo and then deleting it.

After some time I installed the demo again and actually learned the combat(PC, mouse and keyboard) and fell in love with it ever since.

All other ARPGs feel rather bland now.


But there are a couple of key negative points:

-classes are gender locked, as I like ranged classes and can't play as a female in any game this was pretty devastating

-world is linearly structured, almost like one big hallway

-customization of spells/abilities and builds was lacking


But, even with all the faults, it's still one of the best ARPGs I've ever played.


I think if it was called something else, not a sequel, it would have been a huge success. Negative reviews were borne out of that artificiality.

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Just want to add I'm also amazed at the bad reviews considering how much fun I'm currently having with that game.

"Perfect Diablo\Baldurs Gate type hack n slash" describes it nicely. The opportunity to play it on the couch by the fire with the fam is a rare and cherished one. We need more games like this.

I'm also loving how serious/epic and "oldschool" in a way the story is. Most games nowadays don't write lawful good knight characters like this game does anymore.

I think it might have suffered at the time from a market oversaturation. A similar sequel would be received very differently today I think. There is a growing niche to fill both in "traditional" RPGs and local multiplayer.

We just beat Rajani and that fight was so intense. We also got chills meeting the Radiant Youth. Great writing.

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