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  1. I am still playing through 3 so if this exists in game my bad, but I would like to see some one hit kill boss mechanics that must be Interrupted. So an interrupt skill as well.
  2. I played ds 1/2 and am playing 3 now I like three the best by far. As far as additions I would really like to see new game + with much more difficult save point placement and maybe a ng++ with no save points and advanced boss tactics.
  3. D3 is really boring after the first day or how ever long it takes you to get through a play through. You can get more life out of the game if you play it on hardcore, but it is really just a grind. D3 feels the same no matter who you play pew pew run pew pew. In DS3 the combat is tactical on harder difficulty which keeps battles fresh and tactics change depending on what toons you are a playing. I would go with DS3.
  4. All of the blizz fanboys only drink from mamas tit and are dumb enough to try to smash anything else.
  5. If you like D3 you will love DS3. D3 was a horrid cash grab that was pushed out just because they spent so much time to develop the piece of **** (I was an alpha tester).. Don't get me wrong d3 is can be fun for a little while if you play hardcore, but the game is trash. In DS3 on hardcore you and your team have to make tactical choices which really puts the game lightyears ahead. If you like bright colors and grinding for no reason you will prolly like D3 better. I think DS3 is a great game.
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