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  1. I was not impressed at all with dungeon siege, but this at least looks fun, but this is comming from the point of view of what ive seen from vids, haven't actually played Ds3, but played the original for about 10 minutes, and that was enough.
  2. Trying to decide If I want to get this game, ive looked up info, and youtube vids. I kind of wanted to Get D3, but I dunno, so if anyone can compare them? I looked up some of the charcter spells, and what not, it looks like each character only gets like 10 spells or so? So my questions are. * How diverse are the characters, with only 10 spells per character I don't see a whole lot of viable builds. * Is the game quick hack and slash, or more like an RPG? I don't want to take forever to level up ^_^ * Is it easy to coop with other players? and do people still play? I want to jump in
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