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  1. People who like Dungeon Siege 3 did not like the previous games explain a lot. I only will add that DS1&2 was unique games which cannot be replaced; there aren’t other isometric-action-rpg games with deep group management so the only way to enjoy that gameplay is by replay DS1 or 2. While DS3 is almost a generic console game that could be replaced by hundreds of similar games, I mean, people who enjoyed DS3 will fill comfortable in many other games. Think about this.
  2. Is good for me to know that, so Square Enix could be the real bad guy in this plot. I was also relieved that is recognized this game as a Spin-Off in this saga; did Obsidian declare that? And where? I like to read by myself. I don't like it and that's enough for me. I simply want to name my character as previous Dungeon Siege games (also this is a basic thing in classic pen & paper role). Thanks for the quick answer.
  3. Did you noticed that every person who likes Dungeon Siege 3 dislike previous Dungeon Siege games? And, by the opposite way, every person who dislikes Dungeon Siege 3 is a traditional player of the Dungeon Siege Saga? I suggest the simplest thing over the world: Names abound! You can call a game whatever you want but if you call it with the name of a previous saga, adding a consecutive number, you need to maintain the basic style. If you pretend another thing, simply, use another name. Is so complicated? Obsidian or whatever continue this saga, we want the unique gameplay that Dungeon Siege 1 & 2 offered. Dungeon Siege 3 is a generic console game, is one of many others, people who enjoyed DS3 may enjoy hundred of similar games, but people who enjoyed DS1&2 have nothing similar to replace that kind of unique gameplay, there are no other isometric Action-RPG games with deep group management, DS1&2 are truly unique and irreplaceable. Thanks for ask.
  4. In first place I love all kind of RPG (except JRPG of course). My favorite is maybe the “classic style”, since Baldur’s Gate to Dragon Age Origins (not 2!). But sometimes I want to run frenetic Action-RPG like Titan Quest (and Grim Dawn is close!), Sacred 1 & 2 (maybe not 3...), Diablo 1 & 2 (definitely not 3!), and Dungeon Siege 1& 2 (sadly not 3!)... what is the problem with the third version of these games? One word: CONSOLIZATION Have you ever tried to define this saga before accepted the job? Here is a quick comparative: Dungeon Siege 1 & 2 1a) Custom character with a basic but complete character editor 2a) Abilities advancement as fight with Skill tree and special powers 3a) Rich, complex and deeper group management 4a) Tons of gear and sets typical of this kind of Action RPG style 5a) A Siege Editor for more fun after the exciting campaign! 6a) Deep and smart use of the mouse advantages 7, 8, 9, etc.) A lot of possible partners among more other things... Dungeon Siege 3 1b) Predefined characters also with their own names (as JRPG games) 2b) Advancement much more simplified 3b) No group, no management 4b) Normal amount of gear more close to Classic RPG 5b) No editor, no mods, no fun... 6b) Clearly designed for consoles... 7, 8, 9, etc.) Where did you get the name “Lucas” for a main character anyway? among other things... Before my first post I read some comments in line with the fact that every person who criticized Dungeon Siege 3 just only claims that it is NOT a Dungeon Siege game. By the other way, every person who liked Dungeon Siege 3 claims that they did NOT like previous Dungeon Siege games... So is really understandable why did you called Dungeon Siege “3” a game who did not pretend to be the third of that kind of games. Did Obsidian make some public apologize to this great saga fans? (Like Blizzard about Diablo 3 or Bioware about Dragon Age 2). I’m asking because I’m reluctant to follow Project Eternity when the blood of Dungeon Siege is still fresh in your hands. No, seriously, I would like to believe in your honesty.
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