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  1. After re installing it on my pc and playing through as Reinhart and Lucas I found myself really enjoying it. It had initially not been working on my system before I upgraded it and so got it on console and didn't enjoy it. Present day was bored and decided to reload it on steam since after you establish the key you don't need the hard copy any longer and have since been playing it a ton. Is there any chance of a Dungeon Siege 4 in the future. DS3 is good at present and has great potential to grow even better in the future. The plot also leaves a plethora of plot openings for a sequel such as with the rebuilding of the kingdom with or the ancient legion enemies the radiant youth mentions at the very end of the game (they look like dragons of some sort). There is also the prophecy regarding Eleanor from the Lamasu. Would be a shame for such potential to be left untapped.
  2. Rebooted Steam and now everything is fine and hasn't acted up at all when testing the last quest with both my Lucas save and Reinhart save.
  3. Was finishing my latest playthrough as Reinhart today after purchasing the Treasures of the Sun DLC and upon reaching the final fight with the creator god something odd happened. The dialogue played as normal with Jenye Kassynder taunting about calling back the archons and the creator god and when it concluded it skipped right over to the cutscene showing the god's demise and put me in the decide Jeyne's fate dialogue with the Radiant Youth. I am lvl 31 with Lucas as my companion. Anyone know what is going one here? I really enjoy the fight and was disappointed it when the god, I guess you could say, had a spontaneous fatal heart attack on seeing Reinhart.
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