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  1. I have the PC version on Steam and it's been a blast so far. Is there a way you can take control of your party members though?
  2. I found a way to turn off the minimap. Now I just need to find a way to turn off the character portrait. I'd like to be able to take screen shots without the UI elements. What I also want is unrestricted zooming rather than two fixed zoom options. Still a good game though.
  3. I'm liking DS3 somewhat, found a way to change the camera angling through alternative means and changed some of the controls around (right mouse button to control camera direction, and "a" "d" keys to control left and right movement). Feels a lot better now. Which I could rescale/remove the character portrait though. Story so far is ok, nothing spectacular but I can follow it and I do like the combat as everything feels fast paced and responsive. Just wish the areas weren't so corridor like. Hopefully it changes as I progress though I have a feeling it won't. The game is ok, I think for the $5
  4. Just purchased this game on Steam. Thought I'd play it and see how fared. I just can't stand how obnoxiously large the hud is and it's getting in the way of my gaming experience. I scoured the options and found no key mappings that could turn it off nor did I find any options to rescale it. I find it odd that older games have such options available yet this game which is newer lacks such features or if they do exist I just can't for the life of me find them. So much for taking quality screenshots eh?
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