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New interview with Adam Brennecke (small spoiler for a new character)

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][Marceror] It would be awesome if this engine became the catalyst for a whole new set of CRPGs that are built using the 2D isometric model.[/b]


[Adam] That’s what we’re hoping for. We really want to see where we can take this.


That's easily the best part of the interview for me. I'd love to see Arcanum 2 on that engine (as unlikely as it is now).

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A midget detective cipher lol

when you put it that way...




all hail Detective Conan!


but honestly though, there is an esper/psion detective manga/anime aswell, this concept is like a mix of the two stories, but in my book that is cool, I would say in this century Detective Conan is better than most detective stories you can find in typical western media (although I admit there are a few boring cases too, still a good and long running story)


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Like some other people in this thread, i find this character immediately intruiging. He just oozes Poirot:




loved the TV show with that actor, but I do prefer the "homebrew" OP with a bit of rock to it over the original :)




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