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How will Obsidian fit in the 100+ backer designed NPCs?

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With all those player made NPCs we can see things such as mining/logging/hunting camps, bandit parties, merchants, etc all run by those NPC's... should be great

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I thought about it before selecting this tier, as the details were a bit scarce (apart from Name-Race-Class, though more details will probably show up soon).


What would Obsidian do to my character? Would they be little more than a “Hello <Charname>” robot? Would they have anything of the characters personality? Would they have a queue of PC’s lining up to abuse/kill/loot her? Would the Obsid crew roll their eyes when they saw her? Etc etc


But in the end I decided “why not”?


When PE ships, somewhere in the game will be one of my old PnP characters. And regardless of what happens I will have a faint moment of pride/ego that she has gone from a single character amongst millions of gamers, to getting a momentary appearance on the international stage from a brilliant gaming company, even if she is just a robot. And if she is something more, all the better. And if players want to/do kill her, she is still remembered by someone other than myself in some small way in that someone wanted to kill her as opposed to ‘meh another NPC not worth my time’. :grin:


As for abusing the tier by putting in silly/troll NPC’s, I suspect the ‘Epic item tier’ would be more open to abuse with - monstrously overpowered weapons or names like “Banana of Monkey Summoning’. But as mentioned before, the PE team has control of what goes in/out, so things are filtered.

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To those worried about player-created content, there was a 'within reason' clause in the tiers that let you design things. And if it were you, would you really shell out $1000 or more just to put in a weak joke? There's only about 200 people they have to deal with, odds are they are the folks that are crazy enthusiastic and want to make something cool.

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I'm wondering how they're going to impliment over 50 high-level artifacts.


Yeah, most D&D sessions don't even reach epic level.


I am sure the power level of the items will be consistent with the power level of the main campaign. Its not like with D&D where Epic Level / Super Powerful items are already defined outside of the video game. By Epic, I think they mean powerful (in this specific game) and unique items with lore.

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