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Subduing Enemies: Alternative paths to Combat resolution

Subduing the opponent  

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  1. 1. Would you like to something like subdual damage?

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    • No
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Personally I think it's about time there was an RPG where fights aren't necessarily to the death, capturing, subduing, enslaving, or simply knocking out or tying up opponents so you can pass, all add gameplay options...not to mention non lethal brawls



Deus Ex? You could use non lethal weapons there (like tranquilizer darts and the like).

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what is with the necro post?


regardless, amentep got subdual, at least to a limited degree.  unfortunately, the feature is tied to the keep, which is kinda funky... and not in a clyde stubblefield good way.


HA! Good Fun!





too good to pass up the opportunity to add some funky drummer.

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Non lethal damage would be great for certain RP approaches to the game. I would welcome it.


Speaking of alternate resolutions to combat, I'd welcome escape mechanics of some sort. I dislike being required to win every fight I get sucked into...sometimes retreating is the most intelligent (and plausible) behavior. In the old IE games for example, you could survive emergency situations by casting invisibility and running for dear life. Some people consider that cheesy, but I say it's plausible behavior...the only thing unrealistic about it was that enemies didn't use the same strategy (which they should have).


Sorry to wander off topic.


I voted yes for the option to subdue rather than kill enemies.

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