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Mounts and mounted combat - should they be added as a stretch goals?

Mounts and mounted combat as stretch goals?  

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  1. 1. Mounts and mounted combat as stretch goals?

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    • No

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Kill it with fire, imho. Have never seen this done outside of Mount&Blade in any half decent way, the mounted combat back in Sacred is still some sort of running gag over here.


I wouldn't mind having access to some sort of mule or oxcart when travelling though, just park it somewhere on the map when you arrive.


And yeah, the suggested poll options on the other thread would have been way better =P

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Has anybody ever played the Neverwinter Nights premium module "Wyvern Crown of Cormyr"? That had mounts and mount combat. It was kind of a cool gimmick.


I don't know if the game should let you ride but I would like to see horses in the world, at least. It is ridiculous that we have all these medieval fantasy worlds that are completely empty of horses and riders.

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What I would like to see more than mounted combat is actual flying monsters. The Infinity Engine games were all limited to creatures that hovered slightly off the ground; even in NWN1 & 2, wings were strictly decorative. Now obviously in an isometric game you don't expect Skyrim style circling dragons that you have to shoot down with arrows. What you could have though is creatures that use flying for tactical repositioning; leap into the air, fly over your fighters and then land next to your casters. This makes wings on a monster actually dangerous (e.g. why this is +1 CR in D&D) as opposed to visual fluff. This would also work if you ever get winged party members as well; it would act as a short-ranged teleport, that only works outdoors, with a relatively long 'casting' time and the disadvantage of enemies being able to get free hits while taking off & landing.

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Well implemented mounts sounds cool, but the price for this would be too steep in my opinion to do it right. I really don't want a lot of resources devoted to mounts as there are so many features I would rather see in the game. I realize this is my opinion and if the developers want this then I for one would love to see how it turns out, but this isn't a must have for me. I do agree with a previous poster though, it would be great to have pack mules or some other fantasy creature that helps haul gear.

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Mounts in an isometric game? What does that really add to gameplay? Not much in my opinion. Conversely, it adds a slew of problems because it adds a whole other set of animations/models that have to be created, it would need balancing and play testing.


Mounts pretty much sucked in PnP and aside from Mount and Blade -- a game centered on mounted combat -- I've yet to see this implemented well even in a first person/OTS game (like Skyrim and Oblivion). Given their limited resources, I'd rather have more story, more NPCs, more areas to explore and just plain more of the core game before I'd tack this kind of thing on to it.

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