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Please! Less classes, races, factions, companions, regions, and other features!

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I know OP is satire, but it still seems to fall into internet behavior of dismissing criticism as 'whining'.

Not only are those of the community the ones who fund the project, but we're also the ones to play it. Now, that does not make us entitled to the perfect game, but if nothing else, entitle to express our opinions and desires for the game. Nobody is forcing you to like or agree with any of the sentiments expressed by others, so implying people are stupid or overly demanding for simply stating what they like just comes off as pretentious.

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I'm one of the ones that wants co-op multiplayer. I'm not willing to sacrifice the singleplayer experience for the coop.


From what the Dev's have said, you can have great singleplayer with no coop, great singleplayer with mediocre coop (the old IE games), or great coop with mediocre singleplayer. You can't have great singleplayer and great multiplayer in a text-heavy, dialog driven game.


If we're not willing to sacrifice the singleplayer experience, that leaves the choice of no multiplayer or mediocre multiplayer, and at that point, it's kind of hard to argue for multiplayer.

Unfortunately OP don't get it.


So OP is actually one of those who thinks he knows better than the dev which is equally selfish because despite the fact that Obsidian has already said why they are focusing on SP, OP continues to demand for multiplayer just because he wants it, knowing pretty well what the dev has said about this issue.


Go play an MMO if you want multiplayer.

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